Monday, August 10, 2009

Bills lose first preseason matchup, look sharp.

Last night the Buffalo Bills took the field for their first preseason game of the year! And boy, did they not do well. Granted, your starters are only in there for 2 or 3 possessions, but in that time we managed to let the Titans score on a FAKE PUNT and throw an interception.

But the Buffalo News did highlight the silver lining of the outing nicely:

On the positive side, Terrell Owens caught two passes for 27 yards in a nine-play debut for the Bills, no Bills starting players sustained any injuries and the Bills' white throwback jerseys looked sharp.

I agree with the showing from TO being a good thing, it was nice to see him out there gettin' things done. But if the only bright side of our preseason game is the fact that we looked good in our uniforms, then I'm a little worried about this season. I mean, we can't wear those throwbacks every week. What will the redeeming quality of all our other losses be?

I guess I shouldn't be too worried. Because really, you can't really predict too much about a season from preseason game number one. Thank goodness.

And the Bills are going to the Super Bowl!


Anonymous said...

Where is the Super Bowl this year? Should we get our airline tickets now?

Your Mom

Anonymous said...

The Super Bowl is in Miami this year!!! We could all go and stay with Craig!!!

Mom again