Monday, February 26, 2007

I like this :)

I just really like this commercial. I actually rewind the tivo to watch it over and over again because it just makes me happy.

The shots are great and convey this great mood of joy, and the song is cute too. And I absolutely love the shot of the two cuties in the backseat chilling with their hair blowing and sun on their faces.

It kind of makes me want to buy a Cadillac SRX. But it really makes me want to have two adorable children (that don't necessarily have to be my own), a joyful sunny day, and a really cute doggie waiting at home for me (even though I already have one).

Kudos Cadillac.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Starbucks Tees

My Sales and Sales Promotion professor showed us this site in class where you can make your own customized Starbucks t shirt to express your favorite Starbucks drink! Once you choose all your options, you can also download a customized wallpaper for your computer! So anyone who walks by will know your Starbucks order! (This works well for stalkers who want to start a casual conversation by bringing you a delicious Starbucks drink so be on the lookout. and be careful)...

Anyway, I took the liberty of making my own drink order. It is shown on this here blog post. So if you would like to someday chat about intellectual things and sip some frappamocchnio 2% soy latte extra hot grande cinnamon cream pie chai, now you'll know my order.

Check the site out, you can get your fav. drink on a t shirt. And tell the world just how much you love coffee.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Crazy Bride's Crazy Sponsor

The crazy bride video going around on YouTube, and featured on the Today show is apparently sponsored by Unilever's Sunsilk? A lot of people thought the video was real, watching in horror as a bride freaks out because she hates her hair and starts cutting all her hair off a mere hour before her "wedding." But before you start wondering how such a freak found someone to marry her, or why her bridesmaids are laughing and taping the debacle, know that this video is an elaborate hoax! It's a fake, a fraud. But the thing is...Unilever, why are you deceiving us but making it have absolutely nothing to do with your product?

I know that a big part of WOM is getting your name out there, or just coming up with something that is going to be talked about. And this video was indeed talked about. It was viewed 12 million times on YouTube, and had segments on Jay Leno and Good Morning America.

But really, how effective is all this when no one really knows your company is related to the video? I guess the name got out a bit, but what about all the people out there who still think this woman really got married with super short hair that was frantically trying to be pinned up by her poor friends? They don't know Unilever is behind this.

And that's why while it may be effective in some capacity to send out a crazy viral video, make it either relate to your product, or make it available for people to discover that your brand was involved.

Otherwise, it's WWOM - WASTED word of mouth! oOOooOOOoo

More info about this at

An open call for business backers or agencies to intern at this summer...

This is just a call for help, really.

1. I am trying to get my genius funny t shirt business off the ground, but alas, I find that as a struggling college student I cannot foot the bill for screen printing prices. I'll tell you two things though: the designs I have are great!, and if you back me I'll take you out for dinner some night. To Chili's. Or somewhere else real nice.
So, anyone with $$, let me know!

2. If you work at an ad agency, or know someone who does in LA, NYC, or Chicago, have them shout me a hollller.
Or let me shout them a hollller!

I know the only people who read this are: my roommates, my mom, and my brother, so I don't see what good this post will bring, but maybe, just maybe someone will stumble upon my humble blog and give this poor girl a shot at the good life.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Coke - Happiness Factory

hehe I just really like this.
maybe because I have a strange love for weird little creatures...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Fineee I'll keep posting...

HeyYOOooo the class I was doing this for ended in December, but ya know what? Due to popular demand (aka one person telling me they missed my ridiculously awesome blog posts), I am going to start writing again.

First, Super Bowl Commericials. I just don't know about them. Some made me giggle a little, some I giggled at just because I had been drinking a little, and a few were actually pretty funny. But my grand prize has to go to Coke. I loved their ads, especially the one where all the crazy magical creatures are helping the coke come out of the vending machine. I'll post the video of it soon. Props to the "Give a little love" coke commercial too. WELL PLAYED, COKE.

Also, use of Robert Goulay almost always equals success. So I'd like to give my congratulations to Emerald Nuts for catching on to the genius of Goulayyy.

Next -
Named People's Choice for best music social network of 2006. Lets you sign up (free) as an artist, fan, venue, or label. Also has tools such as TunePaks, where fans can compile a personal mix of songs to share w/friends, etc. Artists can use them to package songs for delivery.

Anyway...if you want to read more about and all it's crazy features, click here.
Otherwise, check it out if you are a music lover of any kind.

And with that, I'm off.