Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tampon Sponsored Video Contest (it's not as gross as you think)

Tampax is sponsoring a contest on the social networking site TAKKLE (targeting high school athletes) where cheerleaders are asked to submit a video of their best routine and the winner gets $10,000 of gear/apparel. Despite my first instinct to whip out my video camera and start cheering when I heard the news, I instead quickly logged onto blogger to share this contest with the world.

Although I had never heard of takkle.com before I found this contest, I think it’s an interesting social networking idea that will bring a niche market of high school athletes to the contest. It also is much more graphically appealing than the social networking ugly giant Myspace.

If you know any cheerleaders that are up for the challenge and could use a new cheer outfit or two (or maybe some pom poms), let them know about the Tampax sponsored contest.

But I think the award for best cheerleader ever goes to Kristi Yamaoka from Southern Illinois, for continuing to move her arms to the fight song as she’s being wheeled off the court on a gurney that she is strapped down to since she fell off the top of a pyramid. Cheerleaders you better watch out. If Kristi enters this contest, it’s really no contest at all.