Friday, October 30, 2009

office move.

last day that this will be the view from my desk

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

funny looking animal of the week!

Halloween Edition!

Monday, October 26, 2009

gettin' friendly @ friendlys

Free Happy Ending for customers 60 and over?

Now that's good service.

Friday, October 23, 2009

a question not to be tolerated

Reporter: What do you say to parents who think the Wild Things film may be too scary?

Sendak: I would tell them to go to hell. That's a question I will not tolerate.

Reporter: Because kids can handle it?

Sendak: If they can't handle it, go home. Or wet your pants. Do whatever you like. But it's not a question that can be answered.

Sendak: This concentration on kids being scared, as though we as adults can't be scared. Of course we're scared. I'm scared of watching a TV show about vampires. I can't fall asleep. It never stops. We're grown-ups; we know better, but we're afraid.

Reporter: Why is that important in art?

Sendak: Because it's truth. You don't want to do something that's all terrifying. I saw the most horrendous movies that were unfit for child's eyes. So what? I managed to survive.

from an interview in Newsweek with Maurice Sendak, author of Where The Wild Things Are, about the movie.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gearing up for a JC Hallow’s Eve

Hoover and I were talking about Halloween the last week, and we had the idea that she should dress up like a scarecrow and sit on our porch, then come to life and scare the crap out of kids who are trick or treating. Then we realized that it’s probably not the best idea, seeing as the kid may shoot or shank her, especially when startled. See, living in Jersey City you become aware of a different sort of culture. I once saw a homeless man chasing a kid down the street throwing large rocks at him. Later, I saw the same homeless man being arrested as the kid looked on.

So is life in the dirty Jers. That’s why I’ve decided to come up with a list of the “Top 5 things you need to know for a Jersey City Halloween.” And without further ado…

5. That fake gun might be real.
Don’t think for one second the “toy gun” that seven year old is holding is not loaded. If you are off your guard for one moment, the kid can lock, load, and shoot that weapon faster than you can whip off your Kate Gosselin wig and try to dodge the attack. To combat use of weaponry, make sure you handily disarm any child you see who is holding a gun, sword or blow gun. And if you can’t see where their hands are, you should probably take them to the ground just in case.

4. The unwrapped piece of taffy with shards of glass coming out of it isn’t a new type of candy.
It would probably be a good idea NOT to eat it.

3. If you see a bunch of “doctors,” it’s probably just the cast of the new hit NBC show, Mercy…
Which is shot in Jersey City.

2. Be prepared for a large proportion of Princess Jasmine costumes.
Or Kelly Kapur from The Office.

1. If you see someone dressed as a homeless person, it’s most likely not a costume.
Nothing against the homeless people of JC, but they do exist in pretty large numbers. So if a “large child” dressed in rags shows up at your door smelling a little bit like a soiled diaper, it might not be someone in costume. In this case, promptly close the door to your house and if you’re feeling generous, slide a dollar bill outside.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

funny looking animal of the week!

long island edition!
courtesy of rpalmes1

a brilliant idea

Kate Gosselin and Octomom should be each other for Halloween.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

twitter facts

twitter why can't I stop hearing about you?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Miserable Marci’s Monday Rant – da bills

The Bills officially are the worst team in football this season. But no, you may say, what about the Rams, who haven't even won a game this season, or the Bucs, who the Bills actually managed to beat? It doesn't matter. The Bills are worse.

During halftime of the game, the sportscasters were doing the recaps of all the NFL games of the day, and when they got to the Bills/Browns game, they literally said, "What a miserable football game." And that was just the first half.

I don't even have the energy to bitch about them today. That's how bad it was. I mean, when you lose to the Cleveland Browns with a score of 6-3, that's saying something about how much you suck. When you have the ball in field goal range and it's 4th and 26 in the first half, maybe you should GO FOR THE FIELD GOAL. Even if it's windy. I think Lindell has a better chance of battling the winds then the Bills' offense has getting 26 yards in one play. Or 26 yards in one half.

Here are some other miserable tidbits from yesterday's game:

  • Prior to yesterday's game, Cleveland was on a 10 game losing streak

  • Buffalo has lost 12 of their last 15 games

  • The Bills have lost their last two games to previously winless teams

  • Buffalo had 9 false-starts in yesterday's game, in total they were flagged 13 times for 75 yards

  • The Browns only had 2 completions in yesterday's game. And still beat us

  • The Bills have only scored 20 points combined in their last 3 games

  • Buffalo lost another defensive starter in yesterday's game, Kawika Mitchell, upping the running total of injured defensive starters to 5

I don't think I want to even watch any more games.

....go bills.

Friday, October 09, 2009

one week...

...until this

Freaky Friday....update

Today I walked by the red sweatsuit kid and he was wearing...


What a day...

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

awesome looking animal of the week.

via national geographic.

Monday, October 05, 2009

lunch break

Miserable Marci’s Monday Rant – the kid in the red sweats.

As I walk to the PATH station every morning, sometimes I notice my surroundings despite my morning stupor. And one morning, as I walked down the street, I noticed this little Indian boy, probably like 7 years old, walking with his mother on what I'm assuming is the way to school. He was wearing a red long sleeved shirt. And red sweatpants. I thought to myself - will this kid get made fun of? He's wearing matching sweats to school. Then I put it out of my mind and continued on my day.

Imagine my growing concern as I continued to see this child on an almost daily basis, and he continued to wear red sweat pants and a red long sleeved shirt. The kid hasn't changed out of this outfit at all! How can his mother let him do that?! Is he just a figment of my imagination? Could that sweatsuit possibly be a weird school uniform?

What is going on! Needless to say, this poor defenseless boy's outfit really made me mad. Sure, he's seven years old, and yes, I probably wore worse things when I was little, but not the SAME SHITTY THING EVERY DAY!

The kid needs to be spoken to. Or donated other pieces of clothing, perhaps. I need to start a clothing line like TOMS shoes, where whenever I sell an item, the red sweatsuit kid gets a new article of clothing. But until then, ol'Red Sweats will be walking down the street to greet me every morning...

end rant.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

cute kids and sports movies... a few of my favorite things

This four year old boy memorized the entire speech from the movie Miracle. I hope my kids are this awesome.