Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Alicia Keys & Jack White - Another Way to Die

''It's kind of like a roller coaster because it gets really big and loud, then it gets pulled in and soft. There's also a fly part where Jack's soloing on the guitar and I'm scatting. It's a dope mixture of our styles.''
-Alicia Keys in EW

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Buffalo Bills Moments That Have Literally Made Me Cry

Tonight brings the start of a new NFL season, and with it new hopes for my beloved team, the Buffalo Bills. Every year they never cease to amaze me with their ability to find a way to lose in any situation. You have to give them some credit though, I mean what other team has gone to the Super Bowl four years in a row and come away with zero rings? No other team. So I have decided to list the five greatest Buffalo Bills letdowns that I can remember. Hopefully the Bills will not add anything to the list this year. I’m not even sure how much more heartbreak Buffalonians can take. I mean Drury’s long gone. And even the steel mills are closed. We don’t have much left.

5. The Dallas Monday Night Game Last Season
After forcing six turnovers and being up 24-13 at the end of the third quarter, the Bills managed to score zero points in the fourth quarter and give up 12 points (three of which being a last second field goal) to lose the game. I watched this game at a bar with some friends and obviously celebrated wildly with each Bills turnover as they started accumulating their unexpected lead. Then as the Bills allowed the Cowboys to score 9 points in the final 20 seconds of the game, I sat stunned at my barstool and withheld my urge to punch the obnoxious Cowboys fan that had stuck around just waiting for the Bills to give away the win.

In the last 20 seconds of the game, the Cowboys scored, missed a two-point conversion, and then recovered their on-sides kick. Then the Bills allowed them to complete two passes to set up a 53-yard last second field goal. Sometimes it’s like they’re TRYING to lose.

You’re killing me, Bills.

4. NO GOAL – (okay this is the Sabres, but it’s relevant)
How about when Brett Hull scored a goal in TRIPLE OVERTIME in GAME SIX of the STANLEY CUP FINALS in 1999? Could Buffalo get any closer to winning any big things without coming away with the win? Anyway, there used to be a rule in those days that if an offensive player had a foot in the goal crease, any goals scored during this infraction would NOT COUNT.

Brett Hull shot the puck, got the rebound and kicked the puck to his stick. At this point, his left foot went into the crease. He then shot the puck and scored. With his foot in the crease. Yet for some reason the NHL officials decided that this did not break the rule that a person’s foot could not be in the crease when they score.

What a disappointment. I stayed up mad late on a school night just to cry when we lost. You’re killing me, NHL officials.

At least this was less the Sabres giving away a win, and more of an officiating thing (not usually the way it works with the Bills)…

3. Losing 4 Straight Super Bowls
My mom had this Buffalo Bills hoodless sweatshirt back in the day that said “FOURPEAT.” Because it was the Bill’s fourth Super Bowl appearance in a row. The year before the sweatshirts all said “THREEPEAT.” That one made more sense. Either way, the Bills lost each and every time they made it. So that pretty much scarred my childhood.


Oh man. So freaking close. With 8 seconds left to play, the Bills only trailed the NY G-men by one point. ONE POINT. Scotty Norwood steps up to go for the 47-yard field goal for the win. And misses. Wide Right. Words that will forever haunt the dreams of Buffalo fans everywhere (though most of them can be found exclusively in Buffalo).

I feel really bad for Scott Norwood. The guy has to live with this for the rest of his life. And people like me who won’t let it go and keep writing about it on blogs and such.

But that’s beside the point. The bills found another way to lose. 20-19 final score. The closest score of a Super Bowl ever. Figures.

1.The Music City Miracle (aka FORWARD PASS) (aka the most I cried ever because of a Buffalo Sports Team)
NFL Wild Card Playoff Game, January 8, 2000. The Bills make a field goal with 16 seconds remaining on the clock to go ahead 16-15. Then the Bills kick the ball off to the Titans, hopefully to hold them from scoring in the last seconds of the game. But then this happens:

If you happened to miss that, they threw the ball across the entire width of the field and then ran it back for a touchdown. With no time left. To win the game. And knock the Bills out of the playoffs.

Also, if you missed it, it looked suspiciously like that pass across the field went FORWARD, which is illegal on kick returns, they are only allowed to pitch a ball backwards on a return. Yet, after the play was reviewed, “The ruling on the field stands.”

This was when I began to sob uncontrollably and yell about how stupid football refs are and how I hate the NFL and life. Then I calmed down, ate some chicken wings and sobbed softly for a few more hours.

Saddest part about this? The Bills haven’t made the playoffs since that season. Nine years ago. What a way to go out.

So, as much fun as it is to reminisce about the times that Buffalo Sports Teams have ripped my hopes and dreams of a Buffalo held title to shreds, it’s time to start new and hope for the best this season. And if it doesn’t work out, all of us Bills fans have gotten real good at saying, “There’s always next year.”