Friday, June 17, 2011

Challenge #6 COMPLETE!

So I lived on a budget for a week and I ... DID IT! (With one caveat*, I'll explain at the bottom)

I updated y'all on where the first bit of monies went, here's the breakdown of the rest:

$2 to Hoover from cab we split
$1 for a package of Peanut M&M's from work vending machine
$4 for (2) Bud Light Lime Tall Boys
$4 for a half bottle of wine (dinner at a friend's apartment, needed beverages!)
$5 for 2 small Absolut Vanilla bottles
$6 for a Souvenir soda at Yanks game
$10.75 (yikes!) for a Cheesesteak at Yanks game
$3 to split a small fry at Yanks game
(as you can see, the Yankees game is very expensive if you like to eat constantly like me, that's why I saved a lot of money accordingly)
$14 for Supper Club ingredients/lunch from Trader Joe's
$8 for bottle of wine for Supper Club
$2 for subway card refill

Total: $60

Add that to the $35 I had already spent, and... I HAVE $5 LEFT OVER. Craziness. As you can see from the list above, I spent THE MOST MONEY the night I went to the Yankees game, but I had budgeted for that. It's kind of crazy though, I spent almost a quarter of my budget there. Cash can go quick if you let it.

Also from my list, you'll see that a lot of money was spent on alcohol... Don't get too concerned, a lot of the wine and alcohol on this list was shared with others at dinners and such. But as you can see, the drinks add up quickly.

As I said in my last post, living on a budget can be difficult, but if you are resourceful and plan ahead, you can do it for sure. At the same time, there were a lot of times in the past week where I had to use self control in order to avoid spending money on something I didn't necessarily need, or that was out of my budget.


* The one thing I went over budget with was a plane ticket to Buffalo for tonight. I had planned on driving with a friend, but she decided flying was best. That wasn't really something I could foresee, but I will not make excuses - that is the only time I used anything other than my $100 cash to buy something in the past week.