Tuesday, June 22, 2010

World Cupdates

A look at what’s happening NOW at the World Cup:

  • France has embarrassed themselves. Players bitching out coaches, playing horribly, bickering amongst themselves, boycotting practice sessions. I’m happily eating FREEDOM FRIES as celebration for not being French.

  • Sadly, South Africa becomes the first host country to not make it past the first round, even though they beat France this morning. Some think it was a conspiracy to help the buzz of the vuvuzela die down in future games.

  • US striker Jozy Altidore missed practice today because he had a stomach bug. The good news? He should be fine to play tomorrow. The bad news? His parents named him Jozy.

  • 90% of the vuvuzelas sold at the World Cup were manufactured in China. To prep for the tourney, factories were making 200,000 horns a day. In future news, the world declares war on China.

  • All the US needs to do to advance is win tomorrow - USA USA USA USA USA


Rusty said...

what's a vuvuzela?