Tuesday, June 22, 2010

aces wild.

So yesterday I was walking home from the Path and was like 2 blocks away from my apartment when all of a sudden 2 dogs were running loose in front of me. First I thought to myself, how do I always find these STRAY DOGS?! But these ones were different. They were well kept, and wearing collars (although one of them, a pit bull, also had a HUGE metal chain around its neck).

I tried to call to them because they were just running down the sidewalk towards the street, but the one paid me no attention and the other one just followed. I could tell who wore the pants in that dog relationship... Anyways they went past my apartment and I followed for a second, and watched the first dog run across a big street! He almost got hit by a car. But the other dog didn't follow him across the street.

So I took my chances. I said "Hello puppy" to the pit bull with the big metal chain around his neck. He came towards me! I reached out and prayed that he was a nice dog and wouldn't bite me, and he didn't. Phew. So I checked his collar, and found that his name was ACE and called his owner's number.

Ace ended up being super cute so I took some pics.

Then I chilled with Ace for a little while until his owner got there. Good times. Everything worked okay A-okay. But there are some lessons in this:

1. If you're going to lose your dog, make sure they wear a tag with your phone number!
2. If you're going to lose your dog and want someone to help you find it, don't put anything on it to make it look menacing!


Rusty said...

so. cute.