Thursday, February 04, 2010

Guest Post! -- Pam's Rant

My mom felt like she needed a good rant this morning, and since she doesn't have a blog to bitch to the world on, sent me an email with her rant in it. To honor the family tradition of bitching to the world, I bring you my first guest post.

Miserable Marci's Mom Pam's Miserable Thursday Rant:

I had to have a blood test. More than a week ago, I scheduled an appointment with Quest for this morning at 7:50. I was ready early so I thought I will leave my house early and maybe they will be able to get me in earlier than my scheduled appointment. I arrived at Quest at 7:40 (10 minutes early for my appointment). The waiting room was full but I noticed on the sign-in sheet that although there were a lot of people waiting ahead of me, none of them had appointments (when you sign in, you have to put down the time you arrive and the time of your appointment or check no appointment). So 7:50 came and they called 2 people in but one was NOT me! I was called in at 7:57 (according to their computer). Ok you say (and the person taking my blood pointed out), it was only 7 minutes past my appointment time. Well, 7 minutes does make a difference if you are trying to get to work on time and WHY MAKE AN APPOINTMENT IF THEY ARE GOING TO TAKE PEOPLE ACCORDING TO WHEN THEY ARRIVE whether they have an appointment or not? Of course while I was waiting a very friendly overweight woman came in for her blood test, sat down next to me, and told me all about her history of not being able to lose weight, what diets she had tried without success and how next month she is having gastric by-pass surgery. She is afraid of the pain from the surgery and people have been telling her its no more painful than child birth but she has never had any children and blah, blah, blah. One good thing came out of this – she showed me her new purse which is from Carlos Santana’s new line of purses and shoes – I didn’t even know Carlos Santana had a line of bags and shoes! So here are my points from this long-winded rant: (1) why make an appointment if they are going to take the people without appointments ahead of you? (2) 7 minutes does make a difference when you are trying to get to work on time; and (3) the people who do not make appointments decide why should I make an appointment, they take me in the order I arrive anyway. I feel better now, thanks.


Anonymous said...

always an adventure with Quest, and i am not into purses, but at least something good came out of it...

Tra Fa said...


That is CLASSIC!