Thursday, January 28, 2010

update: boots update

I don't think I ever really concluded my boots quest. And I felt that since the boots I found have probably been my most prized possession for the past 3 months, I should let you all in on the secret. I could not find the exact boots from the Gap model, but I did find these puppies, at Foot Locker, of all places:

Abacos Boots by Sperry. They are amazing. I did change up their look a bit though, I don't wear them folded down with the fur out, that's not how I roll. So use your imagination a bit. These boots, unfolded so they are kind of taller boots and kind of resemble the initial boots I was seeking.

But guess what? I like these more. And, as an extra special bonus, I fell into owning two pairs. So I will be rocking these boots for a long time to come.

Hooray, boots!