Thursday, December 13, 2012

done with fundamentals

Finished up the CFJC fundamentals class this week, with classes Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

On Tuesday we went over a lot of the movements we'd already learned, and then we learned proper form for kettlebell swings. The workout at the end of class was:
10 minutes as many rounds as possible of:
5  one-handed kb swing (each side)
10 push ups
15 jumping squats

I got through 7 full rounds, then the kb swings and 4 push ups... tough one!

This morning we were tested on everything we had learned over the 6 classes - then we did a partner workout. Sounds simple enough: Row 4000M. Switch with your partner every 500M, so each person ends up doing 4 sets of 500M. This was a leg burner!

My partner and I pushed it and got 17:33 total time. Felt good after!

Can't wait to go to some regular classes now!