Monday, June 18, 2012

Money I Spent This Weekend

There is a really great blog about money called The Billfold that I've been following lately. About once a week, they have people post about "My Last Hundred Bucks," basically where they spent their last hundo.

I thought I'd do a version called "Money I Spent This Weekend With My Friend In Town..." Here goes:

$12 to see Amy Poehler speak at the 92nd Street Y
$14 at City Crab for Lobster Mac & Cheese & a glass of wine
$21 for drinks at The Lamp Post

$4 lemonade at Smorgasburg
$6 taco at Smorgasburg
$5 fried mozzarella balls at Smorgasburg
$48 bar tab for lots of drinks for friends at Crown Victoria
$35 dinner & drinks at Hatchi
$21 cab ride to WTC PATH (don't usually travel in style but it was late and had a friend in town)
$5 cab ride home from PATH

$4 bagel
$1.50 Gatorade after my soccer game
$24 for a new racerback bra!
$48 for dinner at Hill Country for me & my friend
$30 for 2 tickets to ASSCAT3000
$4 for ice cream

Actually not too bad for a really busy weekend of fun!

Side note: Also won $198 off my $3 US Open bet for Webb Simpson, so I'm gonna say the weekend was a great success overall.