Monday, October 31, 2011

Challenge #10 complete!

So my mysterious challenge didn't end up being that crazy: my mission was to say "Yes" to everything that was proposed to me. Kind of like that movie "Yes Man," only maybe not. I've never seen it.

Here were my only rules:
Say yes to everything unless it would cause me harm, or I already have other plans.

Anyways due to working a lot, honestly I didn't have that many things to say yes to. Wah wahhhh. But here's a rundown:

MONDAY: Spent an evening with Drita D'avangelo from MOB WIVES. It was really fun! I guess I said yes to this a long time ago, but I'll count it just for kicks.

TUESDAY: Worked until 10. Didn't have any proposals to "yes..."

WEDNESDAY: Had to work late, but still made it to dinner plans. Other nights I may have just skipped dinner after getting out late, but I went! And enjoyed it. Thanks, yes week.

THURSDAY: Flew to Vancouver for a weekend of work. Don't think there was anything to "yes" this day...except the delicious steak I had for dinner.

FRIDAY: Was offered a quail egg at dinner. Ate it! EEEk. It was actually good! Thanks, yes week.

SATURDAY: Was given an "amuse bouche" at dinner that consisted of: candied salmon over some sort of salmon mousse. Ordinarily not sure if I would eat this, but I did. And it was good! Also was offered a bite of the dessert, which I didn't really want, but I tried it anyways. I guess in this case saying yes was just doing something I didn't really want to, but oh well!

SUNDAY: Nothing to say yes to today! NUTS!

This ended my week of yes'ing. Unfortunately, it did not work out QUITE the way I planned. Most of my yeses ended up in me eating something. But I guess that's not so bad of a thing :)