Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Challenge #7 - No TV for a Week

Okay, you knew it was coming eventually - no television for a week. It's the perfect time for it. It's hot out, I should be enjoying the great outdoors and training for my quickly approaching triathlon. So here goes. Today is day one of no television for me. No sports games, no reruns of House Hunters, no Teen Mom... or at least not until next Tuesday.

Now some people might think this challenge wouldn't be much of a challenge - but these people do not know the love I have for television. There's not much I enjoy more than coming home from work, making something yummy and watching television until it's time to drag my lazy bones to bed. I take after my dad in this regard.

So let's see what I find to do with my extra time when television isn't an option. Will I be productive, or merely find new useless ways to entertain myself? My guess is the latter, but I guess we shall see...


Steven said...

This sounds awful.

Rusty said...

Good god. this is just masochistic