Thursday, July 08, 2010

LaBurnt out.

I cannot wait until 9PM tonight. Actually, 10PM I guess. That's when Labronbron will be done with his HOUR LONG SPECIAL where he announces where he'll sign and play next year. It's hard enough for the President to get airtime on television primetime these days, but the world waits with baited breath to hear what Labron's next move is.

I am interested to hear where he's going -- especially since now the rumor mill's churning out that he'll end up with Bosh and Wade in Miami (book my flight now...). But I am tired of the constant Labron updates that really give us no new information, just reaffirm the fact that there are TEAMS in the NBA that he MIGHT BE SIGNING WITH. Wow. We could have had these alerts all season and the amount of information given would be the exact same -- not much.

Even though tonight's presentation will not completely stop the chatter for a while, at least now the chatter will actually have a bit more weight than pure speculation. Plus, the "Labron Watch" scrolling bar can leave the bottom of SportsCenter.

Labron, I think you're great. It's not you -- it's me the Labron Watch.

Go Heat 2011!