Monday, May 23, 2011

Water Challenge Over!

Seems like this challenge went on forever...mostly because I had to go to the bathroom like 12 times each work day (no least 4 times a day at work). But the results are in! During this challenge I lost about a pound and a half. Now this may not be attributed solely to the water intake, but at the same time, I did not alter my diet at all. In fact... I kind of ate and drank a lot this past week. I was expecting the scale to take a turn to the higher side. But, it didn't. Does this say anything about water intake and weight? No. Could just be a coincidence.

But overall, the results to me (besides the almost constant urge to pee), were not that overwhelming. I might have had a bit more energy than usual, and though I drank a bit, I don't think I was really too hungover. So that's a definite plus of drinking lots of water.

All in all, this challenge made me feel a little better than usual. Don't think I'll keep up the drinking at this pace though - can't handle the much-too-frequent bathroom breaks.